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Archeologies of the recent past and the Soviet remains of the cold war in Poland: a case study of Brzeźnica-Kolonia, Kłomino and Borne Sulinowo


Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 67 (2015)


Kobiałka, Dawid ; Kajda, Kornelia ; Frąckowiak, Maksymilian


Instytut Archeolgoii i Etnologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk

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heritage ; materiality ; archaeologies of the recent past ; Cold War ; ruins ; landscape


In this paper we analyze three places extensively used by the Soviets in Poland during the Cold War: Brzeźnica-Kolonia, Kłomino and Borne Sulinowo. We treat these places and artefacts found there as heritage. However, instead of calling for their urgent preservation, we try to argue that heritage does not need to be perceived as a dead past. Material culture and material transformations in landscapes of the recent past last and survive their own times. The goal of this paper is to pay archaeological attention to the duration of the things and landscapes from the recent past in the present.


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