Object structure

Riga shilling

Other names:

early modern coin

Archaelogical site:

Site No. 9


stray find from the surface


Jastrzębniki, powiat Kalisz

Characteristics of the object- raw material:


Characteristics of the object- diameter:

17.5 mm

Characteristics of the object- weight:

0.683 g

Object description:

Obverse: royal monogram – capital S with coat of arms of the House of Vasa in the middle, crown dividing the circular legend above: SIG:III. D.G. REX PO D.L. ; Reverse: coat of arms of Riga in the ring, fleur-de-lis dividing the legend at the top of the circumference: SOLIDVS.CIVI.RIGE [?] ; Issuer: Sigismund III (1587-1632) ; Provenance-mint: Riga ; Bibliographic reference: Kopicki 8106-8131 - E. Kopicki, Ilustrowany skorowidz pieniędzy polskich z Polską związanych, Warszawa 1995

Research Manager/ Creator of Collection:

Kędzierski, Adam

Author (of drawing, photo, record):

Kędzierski, Adam



Place of publication of results:

A. Kędzierski, Monety późnośredniowieczne i nowożytne z badań powierzchniowych w Jastrzębnikach koło Kalisza, Kalisz 2012 (typescript in the Kaliskie Stanowisko Archeologiczne)

Accession number:



before 1609 (?)

Subject and Keywords:

money circulation ; numismatics ; Sigismundus III ; Riga ; Greater Poland


Badania archeologiczne w Kaliszu

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Detailed Resource Type:

Research data


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