Title: Tytuły utworów w cyklu „Na Skalnym Podhalu” Kazimierza Tetmajera – struktura syntaktyczno-semantyczna, uwarunkowania stylistyczne i tekstowe, funkcje


Sicińska, Katarzyna

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Instytut Języka Polskiego Polskiej Akademii Nauk

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The theme of the description and analysis are the titles of stories in the collection „Na Skalnym Podhalu” by Kazimierz Tetmajer, as well as the title of the whole book itself. The aim of this description is to indicate the formal (syntactic) and semantic differentiation of titles, to present their stylistic and textual conditions and determine the function which they have in the structure of individual stories and in the whole collection. As far as the form is concerned, one can distinguish between double (3) and simple (36) titles. A considerable number of simple titles are in the form of a sentence (10), one title represents announcements (nominal sentences), the remaining ones (25) are the titles in the form of notification. The most common and the most characteristic titles for that collection are the titles-sentences with a structure of Jak umarł Jakub Zych and determining announcements with a structure of O Wojtku cudaku. In terms of semantics, the titles of stories represent the basic type which is informative and descriptive one because they provide information on the content of stories: most often about main characters or plot themes, less frequently about the place of the action, theme or type of the text. One of the titles has an interpretative value. The titles occurring in “Na Skalnym Podhalu” strongly correlate with the style of texts in the collection, where the dominant principle is folklore. This principle is visible in the stylisation of the Podhale dialect and in the stylisation of a tale as the form of oral folk tale. Thus, the presence of dialect forms and dialect lexis as well as many proper names which were authentic lexically and often also denotatively, being connected with geographical and cultural space of the Podhale region and Tatra mountains. Furthermore, the pattern “O + miejscownik” (About + locative) referring to metatextual and pragmatic frame of oral folk tales also occurs very often. The titles of stories in the collection “Na Skalnym Podhalu” not only perform the typical delimitative, distinctive and identifying functions but also descriptive and — as in the case of the title of the whole book — integrative ones.




LXIII (63)

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10.17651/ONOMAST.63.10 ; oai:rcin.org.pl:106294



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