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On the Real-Time Emission Control - Case Study Application


Raport Badawczy = Research Report ; RB/29/2003


Holnicki-Szulc, Piotr. Autor


Instytut Badań Systemowych. Polska Akademia Nauk ; Systems Research Institute. Polish Academy of Sciences

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26 pages ; 21 cm ; Bibliography p. 16

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Mathematical modeling ; Modelowanie matematyczne ; Air pollution ; Emission control ; Zanieczyszczenie powietrza ; Kontrola emisji zanieczyszczeń


The paper presents formulation of the problem of real-time emission control in a predefined set of air pollution sources. The approach utilizes the optimal control technique for distributed parameter systems. The controlled object considered is a set of pointwise emission sources with a predefined location and emission characteristics. The problem is formulated as online minimization of an environmental cost function, by the respective modification of emission level in the controlled sources, according to the changing meteorological conditions (e.g. the wind direction and velocity). The environmental cost function depends on the current level of SOx concentration and the sensitivity of the area to this type of air pollution. Dispersion of the atmospheric pollution is governed by a multi-layer dynamic model of SOx transport, which is the main forecasting tool used in the optimization algorithm. The objective function includes the environmental damage related to air quality as well as the cost of the controlling action. The adjoint equation, related to the main transport equation of the forecasting model, is applied to calculate the gradient of the objective function in the main optimization procedure. The test computations have been performed for a set of the major power plants in the industrial region of Upper Silesia (Poland).


Raport Badawczy = Research Report

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