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Search for: [References = "1. Allen C.D., Macalady A.K., Chenchouni H. BACHELET D., MCDOWELL N., VENNETIER M., KITZBERGER T., RIGLING A., BRESHEARS D.D., HOGG E.H., GONZALEZ P., FENSHAM R., ZHANG Z., CASTRO J., DEMIDOVA N., LIM J.H., ALLARD G., RUNNING S.W., SEMERCI A., COB N., 2010. Drought\-induced forest mortality\: A global overview reveals emerging climate change risks. Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 259, no. 4, pp. 660\-684."]

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Kulakowski, Dominik Barbeito, Ignacio Casteller, Alejandro Kaczka, Ryszard J. Bebi, Peter


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