Search for: [Abstract = "Digital elevation models \(DTM\) generated using data from airborne laser scanning \(ALS\) systematically displace models made on the basis of aerial photographs and topographic maps. Their greatest advantage is the detail and accuracy of mapping the terrain, especially under vegetation cover. Terrain models derived from laser scanning, presenting detailed microtopographic relief in 3D are only available in Poland for few years, so the researchers dealing with forms of relief \(including geomorphologists, archaeologists\) are just becoming familiar with them. A new representation of reality requires new methods and interpretive skills, but it allows to solve some of the known research problems and opens the door for further questions about the nature of reality. This article aims at presenting the specifics of this kind of models and methods of data interpretation and verification. Limitations and pitfalls arising from the applied technique are also identified. Discussion will be carried out on the example of materials acquired during flight mission over deserted villages in Polish Eastern Carpathians."]

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